Lesson 2:Import .IGES .STEP files while using VTK visualization ,simple example.

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In this example, I am adding Import .Iges file and .Step File to this YouTube Video Example
[Lesson 2: Bring OpenCascade and VTK together - YouTube]

add this to includes

#include <IGESControl_Reader.hxx>
#include <STEPCAFControl_Reader.hxx>

add this to main

STEPControl_Reader readerSTEP;
IFSelect_ReturnStatus statSTEP = readerSTEP.ReadFile("C:\\WorkSpace\\prism.step");
IFSelect_PrintCount modeSTEP = IFSelect_ListByItem;
readerSTEP.PrintCheckLoad(Standard_False, modeSTEP);
TopoDS_Shape shapeSTEP = readerSTEP.OneShape();

IGESControl_Reader ReaderIGES;
IFSelect_ReturnStatus statIGES = ReaderIGES.ReadFile("C:\\WorkSpace\\prism.igs");
IFSelect_PrintCount modeIGES = IFSelect_ListByItem;
ReaderIGES.PrintCheckLoad(Standard_True, modeIGES);
TopoDS_Shape shapeIGES = ReaderIGES.OneShape();

fix in the correct line in main

vtkNew<IVtkTools_ShapeDataSource> occSource;
occSource->SetShape(new IVtkOCC_Shape(shapeIGES));//shapeSTEP //shapeIGES

good luck!

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As you can see, In my Uploaded code, I have connected VTK to one of the Newest and clearest,
Open Cascade on YouTube.

Plus, How to Import .IGES .STEP files,
So an engineer can start work Directly on complex Mesh, at the same level as Solid Works!

Here in Lesson2 from YouTube.
[Lesson 2:Import .IGES .STEP files while using VTK visualization ,simple example.]

Lesson 17
[Lesson 17.1: Point Membership Classification with OpenCascade + VTK]

A problem that I solved and have a solution and will upload the solution.
[Cascade appanding -TopoDS_Shape- to -vtkAppendPolyData- or -vtkCleanPolyData- or simply convert -TopoDS_Shape- to -vtkPolyData- NOT WORKING - #3 by anon41080341]