3d Reconstruction with spacial coordinates

I am trying to reconstruct a 3d medical image from 2d images with spacial coordinates. Can I Do? How can I do in VTK?

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you are trying to segment bone/tissue from DICOM images?

if this is what you mean, you need set your image folder path to a reader. such as vtkDICOMreader. From here you can pass this into a <vtkContourFilter.h> reader that can segment the put normals and gradients on. and set a value, then render the poly.

You can use the VTK-based PLUS toolkit to reconstruct 3D volume from 2D slices. There are many reconstruction options, hole filling, automatic fan detection for ultrasound, etc. You can use the command-line VolumeReconstructor tool, a 3D Slicer module with GUI (Volume Reconstructor module, in SlicerIGSIO extension), or you can build from source and use the library in your application (everything is free, open-source, with BSD-type license).