9.1.0 is out

Hi all,

9.1.0 is out on PyPI, the repository, and the website. Changes since rc4 include some FindHDF5 fixes, missing includes, and new CMake policy warning changes. Release notes can be found here.

The next big release (9.2) is scheduled to branch in early March with a final release in early April.

Thanks to all that have contributed,



Awesome !

There is a question,We linked the vtkFilterExtraction-8.2.lib(for example) to our application and find the relation between the head file and the library file with directory structure easily,but i can’t get the vtkFilterExtraction-9.1.lib by compiling the vtk 9.1.0.How i can include the head file and linked the right library?

I’m sorry,If enable the Kit option,you will get the vtkFilterExtraction-9.1.lib

For 9.1, I added a new Python Wrappers doxygen page that describes some of the obscure features of the Python wrappers. In the Experimental Features it describes how to install .pyi stubs files that describe VTK’s Python API. These pyi stubs might be useful to people who use IDEs that can pull hints from them.

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