About anti-aliased lines+volume rendering

Hi everyone,

I’ve encountered the situation similar to this topichttps://discourse.vtk.org/t/advice-for-high-quality-anti-aliased-lines-volume-rendering/2141/3

This is the performance on my chrome:

Without Volume:

With Volume:

I’ve checked the render options but did not find API like SetUseFXAA in the javascript version, is there anything I can do to improve the rendering quality?

@sankhesh WDYT ? Looks like the volume rendering is disabling AA. Is it on purpose or some automatic behavior controlled by the browser?
@Xoz did you try on different machines, OS, browsers, setup, graphic cards?

Hi Julien,

I haven’t tried other OS yet, this happened both on my Chrome(64bit v108.0.5359.125) and FireFox(64bit v108.0.2).

Graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060.