About gitlab mail notifications

Recently, gitlab started to send mail with different subject titles:

Re: VTK | VTK | Add vtkGLTFMapper (!5735)
Re: VTK | Add vtkGLTFMapper (!5735)

Not really practical to manage the mails.

Any idea what is going on ?

Cc: @ben.boeckel

The gitlab.kitware.com site was updated to Gitlab 12.0 recently.

I’ve noticed this as well. Seems they’ve finally decided to add group hierarchy information to the subject (something I asked for years ago). However, it seems that “pushed code” MR updates don’t use the same subject template. Looks like i may have already been fixed: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/63863

(Note that the In-Reply-To information is set properly, so improper threading is 100% gmails fault in this case.)