About how to run Wrapping Example

Hello I am just new to VTK.
I am trying to build and run the Wrapping Example.
I can compile and get the files “vtkWrappable.so” and “libvtkWrappable.so” built,
but failed to run the test script “import_wrappable.py”:
The error is “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wrapping” for the first line of testing code “from wrapping import vtkWrappable”.

My build and test steps are as below:

  1. ccmake, turn on these flags: “VTK_BUILD_EXAMPLES” and “VTK_WRAP_PYTHON”
  2. then cmake
  3. then make
  4. then make install
  5. then go to the Wrapping Example Testing folder, run the test script: python ././import_wrappable.py
  6. and the got the error

I search in the build folder, found both the “vtkWrappable.so” and “libvtkWrappable.so” are generated.
So I just wonder what’s the correct steps to compile and run the Wrapping example?
Thanks in advance!