About how to run Wrapping Example

Hello I am just new to VTK.
I am trying to build and run the Wrapping Example.
I can compile and get the files “vtkWrappable.so” and “libvtkWrappable.so” built,
but failed to run the test script “import_wrappable.py”:
The error is “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wrapping” for the first line of testing code “from wrapping import vtkWrappable”.

My build and test steps are as below:

  1. ccmake, turn on these flags: “VTK_BUILD_EXAMPLES” and “VTK_WRAP_PYTHON”
  2. then cmake
  3. then make
  4. then make install
  5. then go to the Wrapping Example Testing folder, run the test script: python ././import_wrappable.py
  6. and the got the error

I search in the build folder, found both the “vtkWrappable.so” and “libvtkWrappable.so” are generated.
So I just wonder what’s the correct steps to compile and run the Wrapping example?
Thanks in advance!

You might need to set up PYTHONPATH. Does it work if you use vtkpython instead of python?