about the using of ITKHelper

Hi, when I used the ITKHelper, I found that the result is not the same as expected.

readImageDICOMFileSeries(file).then(({image, webWorkerPool}) => {
  imageData = convertItkToVtkImage(image)
  // setInputData(imageData) and addActor

the left one is what I got, and the right one is what I need. the left one lost some details. Is there any theory or example I need to learn? Any suggestions will be helpful.

Why using ITK here ? VTK can read dicom image fine.

Also, you can try with F3D: F3D

Thank you mwestphal, F3D is great! But I mainly want to use vtkjs + itkjs to implement some functions on the web side.

I missed this was in web category, my bad.

Embarrassingly, the result is because I didn’t set a reasonable cl/cw. :relieved: