Add ability to adding interactive 2D widgets in ParaView

I implemented the ability to adding interactive 2D widgets in ParaView. See discussion for more details. But I need add a new functionality not only into Paraview sources but and into VTK. Can I create the issue and merge request to implement this task?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can ! you can work on a branch in VTK and a branch in ParaView at the same time.
You can even run the tests on the ParaView branch if you point the VTK submodule to your VTK commit.

Of course, you will need to first merge the VTK part.

Thanks, Mathieu.
I created the issue:
and merge request:

I suppose that you now should open a ParaView MR ?

Just in case someones stumble on this topic the feature has now been merged into ParaView :slight_smile:

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