Adding Roemer's Boolean Filter as a Remote Module

I am just working on windows warnings. Took a break for a few days. I’ll send instructions later on how to try it.

@kayarre @Ron84 You can try out the latest MR by:\

  1. Check out this MR
  2. Run make
  3. Edit your CMakeLists.txt to set: VTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK_Boolean:STRING=YES
  4. There are two tests. Run them with:
    ctest --R PolyDataBooleanFilter

@lorensen silly question, should the python wrapper be built or is this testing the C++ only?

Is there something special to get the remote module to work with python if it supposed to be included?

Figure it out i think, needed to use import vtkmodules, but I I am not able to find where the filter is.

@lorensen I have two points:

  1. Why have you removed the cmake_minimum_required and project directive?
  2. The lib should also be available in ParaView. Also as an external module. Do you know how to do this? If yes, could you please add the required files.

I think the tests does not work correctly. Please compare the running times:

You are right. I just submitted a MR to fix the test.

Okay it works now.

How can I find the python module?

And please answer my questions in #24.


“We” is me and my coworkers / employer. Depends what you mean by ‘complex models’, but probably yes. We have a collection of meshes that have been troublesome over the years, from libGTS through all the various code VTK has gone through for boolean intersections.


I still haven’t figured out how to get the python wrappers to work.

The remote module python wrappers are not implemented yet. To use it from Python you will need to use the original Roemer version.


Is this a limitation of the new build system or just something not implemented in this particular remote module?

A limitation of remote modules
I have to figure this out.

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I can’t understand why not. It’s the classical VTK problem. Nothing is well documented…

@lorensen Do you still working on it?

I’m waiting to see how the wrapping/remote effort comes out.

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Is there a successor for Bill, who is working on this Merge Request? Are there any news about the python wrapper of remote modules?


Are there any news about the python wrapper for remote modules?


I’m very interested in this, too. What I see is that if something cannot be pip installed then for many people it does not exist. It would be essential to have an easy way of Python-wrapping and distributing VTK-based modules on PyPI. Maybe it is already easy, we just need a template that we could follow.

Could anyone give us a complete example of a VTK-based remote module available to install via PyPI?