ADIOS failures on taanab

VTK::IOADIOS2Cxx-TestIOADIOS2VTX_VTI3D is failing on taanab for several days now. Is anyone tracking it down?

The most recent fixes for ADIOS2 were merged in

@williamfgc Can you take a look at the stack trace here:

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Hi @cory.quammen apologies for the late reply, I need to turn on notifications from discourse. We’ve trying to tackle the issue here. I haven’t been able to reproduce either in other platforms or on a Ubuntu 16 VM. Is there a way to run valgrind (or any other tool) on taanab? Please, let me know if there is anything I can do at this stage. Thanks.

Thanks for your diligence, @williamfgc. It looks like you and @Chuck_Atkins have made some progress here.

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@cory.quammen likewise, thanks for your help! Yes, the tests seem to be in the green. We’re looking at Paraview here. Thanks @utkarshayachit as well for bringing this up.