All dashboards broken

Somehow, it looks like all dashboards are broken, but only with MRs.

See here :

While master build fine :

What is going on ? @ben.boeckel

vtk/vtk!5682 launched tests off a really old branch. That caused build failures since some cmake flags or build state needed a clean build to work correctly. Since we only do incremental builds on MRs (unless Do: test --clean is explicitly requested), all subsequent MR tests failed due to similar errors until a master build got scheduled and cleaned the build dirs.

Moral of the story: please don’t test branches that are too old, and if unavoidable, use Do: test --merged.

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indeed ! I should have checked that before running the tests on this MR. thanks.

Yikes – “really old” in this case was master from just a week ago! :wink:

I’ll try to keep closer to current master.

@allison.vacanti : No no, it was me. I ran a 3000 commit behind branch from an external contributor because I forget to check that. My bad.

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