ANN: Word Clouds in the VTKExamples Project


I’ve added a new example called WordCloud in the VTKExamples Project’s InfoVis directory. Word clouds![bill|690x431] are an information visualization technique that display words with sizes corresponding to the frequency of a word in a document. Six hundred sixty built-in stop words are eliminated.

The example offers many options including random colors, orientations, user-supplied font files, mask files, and user stop words. I don’t argue that this is a useful visualization, but I’ve had fun writing it. The primary application might be presentations.

Once I’m done with the feature list, I may add the technique as a new vtk class.

The example also illustrates several C++ STL concepts including random numbers, multisets, regular expressions, ranges, and lambda functions.

I’ve attached a few examples. I created five versions that use my Bio and one that uses Will Schroeder’s Kitware Bio. My versions have 18 additional stop words and ten replacement pairs. For example, Marching is replaced by Marching Cubes. They also show different orientations and a custom mask file.

Feedback is welcome.




Is there any suggestions on how to do interactive wordclouds? (clicking on word to reveal the sentences, etc.)