Apply Marching Squares to ImageSlices

I am using the vtkImageSlices to show individuals slices of a volume and I was wondering if I could apply Marching squares on the image slice. I am just asking to see if the data type check will flow through or if there is a specific way to accomplish that? I saw in the example that the marching squares are still applied to the sphere actor union. so my other idea was to apply the marching square onto the volume and just choose the slice. I am fine with either way, just not sure which way makes more sense.

There is vtkImageMarchingSquares, which should work for you.

I did the image marching squares and applied it to the volume the multipleimageslice is using however it only allows me to control the slice in the K-direction. Is there a way for me to set the slice for the I or J direction?

Hum, ImageMarchingSquares seems to only slice in one direction. A quick workaround would be to use ImageReslice (or just copying and re-ordering the pixel array) to effectively rotate the volume.

Feel free to contribute a patch to ImageMarchingSquares to support I and J slicing. Otherwise, I can take a look later.

I can try reordering it but I will look at the image marching squares documentation and see what i can do

Hi, I have just came across the same issue.
However, re-ordering the pixels for every slice will make it very heavy and we will lose interactivity.
In addition, I cannot use Marching cubes on a slice. Somehow always returns empty polydata.

I am wondering if anyone is still working on this. It would be really nice to be able to indicate in which direction the slice we are passing is.

Best regards