Basic ITK / VTK Example

I’m working on a new Vue 3.x app that utilizes VTK.js (and ITK-wasm). I’m keeping the old branches as they demonstrate different levels of integration - starting with the most simplistic. I know I’ll forget how I accomplished something and will want to look back and figured others might find the code helpful as well. Currently the “old branches” are:

  • add-itk - Covers the integration of ITM-wasm into the project, which can be a challenge. See the README in that branch for additional details on the issues and how to work around them.

  • add-nii-gz - Adds a basic implementation of ITK within the Vue app.

  • load-image - Wired a modified version of the VTK.js ProxyManager example up to the ITK loader/VTK converter, now renders an image.

I have three new branches in case they can be of use to anyone

  • add-pinia - Includes a very basic integration of Pinia (the “replacement” for Vuex).
  • miqa-vtk-2 - Rendering is now of a 2D slice instead of 3D image, significantly more logic now present (mainly pulled from original MIQA) for handling of images.
    • miqa-vtk - The first part of above, one can probably jump directly to this second part but if looking to understand changes from add-pinia to miqa-vtk-2 may want to look here as well.

It’s all pretty rough, but progress I think. :slight_smile: