Bug in documentation figure on wedge node ordering

Hi all,

Following this Paraview question, I think there is a bug on the wedge node ordering on this figure in the VTK documentation.

Indeed, on this figure, the first face 012 points inwards using right hand rule.
However, we can read the opposite in the VTK doxygen generated documentation :

The wedge is defined by the six points (0-5) where (0,1,2) is the base of the wedge which, using the right hand rule, forms a triangle whose normal points outward (away from the triangular face (3,4,5))

Last point, this figure in the VTK documentation shows the opposite as well (same as VTK doxygen generated documentation).

I am pretty sure it is a figure error in the VTK documentation but as the VTK readme “Reporting Bugs” paragraph states, one must first “join the VTK Discourse forum and ask about the expected and observed behaviors to determine if it is really a bug” before to “open an entry in the VTK Issue Tracker”.

Thank you for the report.
@amaclean @mwestphal
It looks like an inconsistency in the documentation. Other sources like this example or the VTK User’s Guide (page 494) use the right numbering.

I’ll have a look at it over the next day or so.

FYI, another related post which I just posted : Clarification about quad node ordering

All fixed, the software and the illustration have been updated.
You can now select a wire frame or colour the backface as a check to see if the rendering is OK.
The wire frame rendering is used to create the illustration in Figure5-2.
I have also re-oriented the figures in LinearCellDemo: C++ and Python.