Build with qt6 qmlplugindump executable not found.

Bug report :

qmlplugindump executable not found.

Goto cmake file :
Line : 68

get_target_property(qt_qmake_location "Qt${vtk_qt_major_version}::qmake" LOCATION)
get_filename_component(qt_bin_dir "${qt_qmake_location}" PATH)
if (APPLE)
  get_filename_component(qt_bin_dir "${qt_bin_dir}" PATH)
endif ()
message(FATAL_ERROR "Qt_BIN_DIR " ${qt_bin_dir})
  NAMES "qmlplugindump-qt${vtk_qt_major_version}" qmlplugindump
  HINTS "${qt_bin_dir}"
  DOC "QmlPlugindump executable location")

output :

CMake Error at GUISupport/QtQuick/qml/CMakeLists.txt:68 (message):
Qt_BIN_DIR Qt/6.3.1/macos
In fact ,qmlplugindump in under Qt/6.3.1/macos/bin
So this maybe is a bug on Qt or On Vtk part .

Is that extra Apple-specific get_filename_component getting in the way?

As the result ,

message(FATAL_ERROR "Qt_BIN_DIR " ${qt_bin_dir})

output nothing .

Can you shift your message line over the if(APPLE) line and see what does it output?