Building OpenCascade 7.5.0 with VTK 9.0.1

Ok, the last problem (I HOPE!)…

It looks like vtk is trying to download during the build. This is not allowed for official builds.

-- Fetching ""
-- Fetching ""
CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake/Modules/ExternalData.cmake:1121 (message):
  Object MD5=eaab2cdba68e8630f9a1f8a8e81cb097 not found at: ("Couldn't resolve host name") ("Couldn't resolve host name")

Is there a cmake option to prevent this?


You can use the VTKData and VTKLargeData tarballs to pre-seed this data so that it does not need to be downloaded. Alternatively, you can disable compiling tests which should avoid all downloads.

Ahh… I have the VTK-Data archive, not the LargeData, so that should do it.