Building VTK for arm64 architecture

How can I build VTK 8.2.0 for arm64 architecture? Previously I have done it for x86_64 machine and it worked fine. Now I m moving to arm64 machine but I see no options in CMake during building for arm64. Is there any reference for this?

VTK’s build doesn’t have any options for an x86_64 build either :slight_smile: . It depends on the compiler you provide. I’m guessing by the x64 you’re on Windows. In this case, I would recommend configuring VTK’s build from within an arm64 developer console with the Ninja generator (VS can “import” this build then and provide its functionality).

Thanks Ben, actually I built VTK in Linux 20.04 i.e. x86_64 architecture(edited the mistake above). I will try the solution you suggested.

@SurajJadhav , I recently built Paraview on a Jetson Nano (ARM64 Ubuntu 18.04) via Paraview’s superbuild (CMake) approach which also build VTK in the process.

Building VTK via CMake should be pretty similar on Ubuntu regardless of the CPU.

Hope that helps.