Building VTK with CMake 3.15

The build fails with:

CMake Error at Common/Core/CMakeLists.txt:442 (check_symbol_exists):
  Unknown CMake command "check_symbol_exists".

The fix is to add:


However should this be added to the top level CmakeLists.txt?

@ben.boeckel I’ll let you make the decision since you are really familiar with the CMake files in VTK! Not sure why this issue pops up in CMake 3.15 but not earlier versions of CMake.

Maybe some module that used to include it stopped including it. The inclusion should be added near to where check_symbol_exists is used (i.e., in Common/Core/CMakeList.txt itself).

Ok if you don’t get around to doing it, I’ll do a MR tomorrow, around 22:00 UTC, 19 Jul

Andrew Maclean

MR: update-for-CMake-v3.15 has been submitted.