Building vtkDICOM as a Remote VTK Module with Java Wrapping fails

I’m trying to build VTK on Windows with VS 2017 (x64, Release). I have enabled the vtkDicom module in CMAKE as well as the VTK_WRAP_JAVA option (Java 1.8). When building the solution in VS, I get a linker error for the vtkDICOMJava project:

vtkDICOMMetaDataJava.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol vtkDataObject_Typecast referenced in function vtkDICOMMetaData_Typecast
xxx\VTK\bin_2017_x64\bin\Release\vtkDICOMJava.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

If I disable the vtkDICOM module in CMAKE, the build runs fine.

Any ideas?

Note that if I manually add “…\lib\Release\vtkCommonDataModelJava.lib” as Linker input for the vtkDICOMJava project in VS, everything works.

Yes, vtkDICOMMetaData is derived from vtkDataObject, so I’ll have to add CommonDataModel as a core dependency for vtkDICOM. Thanks for confirming that adding it to the link solves the problem.

I’ll reply here when the patch is merged (probably today or tomorrow).

I’ve merged a patch into master, now CommonDataModel should be linked in properly.