C++ Application with remote rendering

Dear All,

I would like to extend my existing desktop application (qt and c++) with the possibility to have a remote rendering functionality. How can I procede ? is there any way to connect the application to a vtk server without rewriting the pipelines?



If I got your question right, Qt provides support for web standards such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So, you can write a desktop app that can connect to a VTK server, display its streaming images and send user inputs over JavaScript. Is that what you want?




hi Paulo,

You could maybe rely on WSLink (client: JS, server: Python).
You would then have a vtk app running on the server (driven in python with wslink), the output renderered image is then sent via websocket to the client. The client (QtWebView ?) would run vtk.js and wslink to drive and get the rendered images from the server.

I do not have experience running VTK.js within QtWebView though…

Hth, Julien.

Hi, Julien,

I don’t have details on the OP’s back-end, but supposing it’s a Python appliction, then yes, it seems to be a sound architecture.