CenterLine.vtk file is not aligned properly 3D view in slicer4.13

I have generated VTK file using slicer 4.13 version.

The VTK file looks like below.

If i try to display above file in 3D view means. It wont align using both LPS and RAS option.
It will be like below in slicer view.

If i change the vtk file like below. (Removed - SPACE=LPS) (second line of vtk file).

If i try to display the above modified file in slicer using LPS option. Its properly aligning like below.

May i know where we can modified these vtk files using code so that it will properly align?

Any suggestion how can i fix this problem?

This question is specific to 3D Slicer, so please ask it on the Slicer forum. If you already posted the question there then please copy the link here. Thank you!

I have posted the question there. Thank you.