CI on Github with Windows

Is there a compiled version of VTK, that I can use for CI on Windows? Especially for a C++ project, based on VTK.

No. Even if there was, it probably would not:

  • match your desired build settings (VTK only has a few hundred switches…)
  • use the right compiler
  • use/support dependencies that you may also want to use

VTK install trees are meant to be relocatable, so if you build VTK the way you want, install it to a directory, you should be able to package up that install tree into a .zip or something and extract it in CI for your use.

There are also package solutions on Windows as well; vcpkg and conan may be able to help here.

Hi @Ron84

Well, there is for linux if that helps ! Although the limitations mentionned be @ben.boeckel do apply, you can find all information about it here:

FYI @Charles_Gueunet @Francois_Mazen