CMake 3.17 impossibly slow configuring VTK?

Hi all,

Is it just me, or is there a major speed regression with the new CMake 3.17? On two different Macs now I’ve been waiting 10s of minutes for the ‘configure’ step. Steps like this:

Looking for frexpl
Looking for frexpl - found
Looking for gethostname
Looking for gethostname - found

take minutes and minutes…

Anyone else?


Hmm. I haven’t noticed an issue on Linux so far. Looks like something with try_compile though. What generator are you using?

@brad.king @RobertMaynard

The default one, unix makefiles. I revert to CMake 3.16.2 and it’s definitely faster.

Running from a macOS 10.13.6 machine

time ./cmake-3.17/ -S src/ -B build
> 49.78 real        27.95 user        18.73 sys

time ./cmake-3.16/ -S src/ -B build
> 49.00 real        27.50 user        18.84 sys 

Interesting, it is fast with cmake, it seems only insanely slow with ccmake. Could you try?

I have been able to reproduce and reported this as a CMake regression with a simple demo