Color is not correct in binary stl

When loading an stl the binary format appears in red color.
But if I load a stl in ascci format it appears in the correct color.
Example of how I load the stl:

const reader = vtkSTLReader.newInstance();
await reader.setUrl(this.stl, { binary: true });
const vertebraMapper = vtkMapper.newInstance();
const vertebraActor = vtkActor.newInstance();
vertebraActor.getProperty().setColor([0.88, 0.84, 0.73]); // rgb(225, 214, 186)


Does your binary STL have color info? I’m not familiar with the STL format, but I am noticing that the binary reader is adding an extra data array to the cell data, while the ASCII one doesn’t. @Sebastien_Jourdain

Stl format has no color data.