Color Mask Overlay support in vtkResliceImageViewer??

I have an MRI volume data as well as a corresponding binary mask volume that defines certain sub regions of interest in the original MRI volume. Can I use my binary mask volume as a color overlay on top of vtkResliceImageViewer which is already initialized with my volume data? It is also important that the window/level adjustments (using mouse interaction) should only affect the original MRI data, and the overlay color mask/image should not get affected. In my understanding, the interaction will affect both the image actors(MRI data image and mask overlay image) inside vtkResliceImageViewer.
Does vtkResliceImageViewer support independent image actors? How can we achieve this?

I’m not sure if this is available at VTK level, but it is a standard feature in all VTK-based open-source medical image viewers, such as 3D Slicer and MITK. You can have a look at how it is implemented there or just use one of them as platform to build your application on.

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