Could vtkCookieCutter return the outside mesh?

I wanted to use vtkCookieCutter for a project to cut a hole in a surface but for now, it’s only meant to return the mesh lying inside the given contour loop, while I wanted to opposite. I tried other filters like vtkClipPolyData but none of them give a result as clean as vtkCookieCutter does.

So I only want to know, from VTK devs point of view, if it’s possible to update the filter to use some kind of InsideOut flag like with vtkClipPolyData. If so, I would try to do it and make a MR.

I think a contribution of that feature would be welcomed warmly. Please add me as a reviewer to your MR.

For now, I managed to get a version which keeps the outside mesh. However, the part of the mesh lying inside the loop is still filled with a polygon, even if the edges and points are correctly cut out.