CreateRepeatingTimer Issue in HoverWidget

Hi Vtk’ers

This is regarding the HoverWidget code where the timer implementation seems to be having a bug.

Internally Hover Widget is using vtkRenderWindowInteractor::CreateRepeatingTimer function to create the timer and deleting it through vtkRenderWindowInteractor::DestroyTimer(int timerId).

My first thought is that hence we are using repeating timer, only one timer should be present. But there seems to be multiple timers created when widget is enabled and on move function.
Even though multiple timers are created, there are cases in which they are not deleted properly. Like when we enable the widget, 1 timer is created and on next moveAction 2nd timer is created, where as only one timer is deleted further.

please let me know if I’m missing some logical understanding or if there is some correction needed in VtkHoverwidget code.