Curious about VTK CI hardware configuration

I’ve been looking at this

I’m curious to know some configuration details of the machines that aren’t “renderless”.

The renderless ones are likely configured to build VTK against OSMesa or EGL, but I know for sure that the others use Nvidia/hardware-accelerated rendering since most of the vtkChartsCoreTests will fail with dozens of shader/GL errors when VTK is built against Mesa/EGL.

Do these “rendering” ci-machines have a real physical display output at Kitware? Or do you use xvfb? vnc? nomachine? x2go?

One of my MR’s test failed a while back because the test’s render window size was 1920x1080…whereas it succeeded on my local machine. I had to set a smaller size 800x800 to succeed. Does this mean that the physical display (if it really exists) or a virtual dispaly is limited in screen size?

Just curious :slight_smile: Nothing more.

The CI setup for Linux involves starting an X server on the host and then injecting the X socket into the container via a volume. These are generally VNC servers started as systemd services. There are also setups running GNOME with full sessions for ParaView because of ParaView’s reliance on Qt rendering decisions which depends upon the theme chosen from the running desktop environment.