Custom allocator for wasm

Just throwing out a question knowing that WASM does not support virtual memory.

Is there a benefit of compling VTK wasm using memkind? Or perhaps another allocator?

Anyone with experience in this area?

Thanks in advance

i don’t know the best about memkind, but as far as wasm in browser goes, there’s just the ‘standard’ heap, which is backed by a javascript Uint8Array. Afaik, there’s no different kind of virtual memory available from js.

Probably wasi is a good platform that may support memkind.

As a start, I will create some heap fragmentation tests and see how thing goes. It really sounds scary that WASM doesn’t support virtual memory. I will experiment with different allocators and if I find a good solution, I will let you know. My current issue is that I am use an implicit function for drawing on a mesh and I fear that will be extremely slow on WASM. But again, it is nice that it is easy to globally replace the allocator in VTK