Cylinder Example rendered window doesn't show anything (Windows, Visual Studio, C++)

Hi friends, I’m new to VTK.
Built VTK and tried the “Hello World” Cylindar Example.
After configuring and generating it using CMake,
I opened it in Visual Studio and set the CylinderExample project as the startup project.
I Built and ran it, the rendered window is showing but it doesn’t show anything, not the background color nor the cylinder.
I don’t see any errors.
In case it helps, during runtime, the output mentions that the VTK modules are built without symbols (which as far as I understand suppose to help with debugging).
How can I solve this?

I solved it.
Answering here in case it will help others.
My VTK build works in Release and I built the code in Visual Studio in Debug.
Changing it in Visual Studio to Release has done the trick.
It works.