Dashboard status after !6110

So after merging !6110 (which had green dashboards), master looked a bit rocky on some dashboards. I went and investigated on taanab and bigmac. On the latter, I reproduced the error and then started to bisect over the branch finding…nothing wrong. Rerunning on the merge (since it could have somehow been the combination of master and the branch that was the problem, I couldn’t reproduce it again. Similar effects on taanab when I tried there. So, since it’s a ghost-y issue that I can’t debug right now, I’m going to see if another master build papers over the issue. But if not, I’ll dig back in again tomorrow and debug more. Leaving this here as a heads up before leaving today.

In the meantime, I fixed the eeloo +extdeps builder to at least have a chance at testing again. A git command had died and left around an index.lock file causing everything to fail updating git, so it didn’t even show up on CDash since it never got that far. Hopefully it is happy now, but it’s possible some other changes crept in for that builder.

Cc: @ken-martin @utkarshayachit @brad.king

And I may have found out why eeloo was submitting to the master track. I’ve updated from 3.12.0 to 3.12.4 in case it was fixed in a patch release. Another thing to keep an eye on.

Hrm. Seems it is real. Trying to get a failing build I can debug on bigmac.

!6119 reverting the offending change has been merged. I still don’t understand exactly why this change broke things, but I’ll investigate that at a later date. We’ve been rolling just fine with the typo for a while anyways.