DICOM visualisation in vtk.js, deployed as external file in web

Hi All,

I’m a newbie to the VTK programming. Firstly apologies for such a naive question.

All I want is to read/visualise a DICOM file on a web page where vtk.js is imported as an external file. I’ve searched online and this blog but couldn’t find any resource to achieve this.

Can someone else come across such tutorial or example that could be used?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Many Thanks and

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Hi Bilal -

Here’s one way to do it.

There’s a live example here (takes a few seconds to load):


Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for such a quick response. I’m on it.

It is also possible to read the image with itk.js:

Generate a vtk.js ImageData with convertItkToVtkImage:

Then render with a vtk.js as an ImageSlice or Volume: