Different shaped vertex points

Hi there,

I am working with a collection of point data, with vertices mapped accordingly. I currently have a set of points rendered with the square shaped points in the 3D space.

I am wondering what is the simplest way to render different shapes for different categories of points.

I’d like to have square, triangular and circular shaped points.

Is this possible?

The idea would be to modify the vtkGlyph3DMapper to support a “Source” id like in C++.

If you do not want to modify the code, you could actually create 3 Glyph3DMapper (one for square glyph, one for triangle glyph and one for circle glyph), and make them use 3 different scalar arrays that “scale” the glyphs to 0 when it is not of the correct type.

Alternatively, you could also split your pointset into 3 pointsets. and render each with a different glyph3dmapper.