`Do: test` is now gitlab-ci based

Hi all,

The robot’s Do: test command now talks to gitlab-ci and the buildbot setups have been removed for VTK. Tracking the addition of those configuration (which were busted on buildbot anyways) has been added to this issue.

Please see the updated syntax for Do: test contained in this MR. Feel free to ping me with any questions.


Though it’s not directly related to “Do: test”, I was wondering why, recently, some of the CI jobs that show up for my MR are ones that I don’t request.

For example, I manually run [fedora33_mpi_python_qt_tbb] from the pipelines page. But [fedora33_mpi_python_qt_stdthread] and [fedora33_mpi_python_qt_tbb_ext_vtk] also run even though I didn’t ask for them.

The _stdthread job uses the same build, just testing it under an environment variable setting of VTK_DEFAULT_SMP_BACKEND=STDThread. The _ext_vtk is a job that takes the install tree of the build you requested and makes sure the test suite runs against that (this ensures the test suite isn’t using any private headers and that public headers are properly installed).