Does anyone use vtkSDL2RenderWindowInteractor outside of webassembly?

I’m thinking of renaming vtkSDL2RenderWindowInteractorvtkWebAssemblyRenderWindowInteractor because SDL2 is an implementation detail. We might want to change the implementation to use something WASI specific in the future.

This class is sort of an oddball because, VTK already gives you render window interactors for all platforms - Android, MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux. So there is no need for applications to use SDL2 on desktop/mobile devices. It also introduces an extra step in the build process because SDL2 is not vendored.

Please let us know if you’re using this interactor outside webassembly.

Just to be clear, the plan is to deprecate vtkSDL2RenderWindowInteractor if no one really uses it on desktop/mobile. Otherwise, we can leave that class alone and remove anything specific to WebAssembly from it.

If there is a path using deprecation of the class, then fine by me.

FYI @Michael