Error during the cell blanking of explicit structured grid

Cell blanking (vtkDataSetAttributes.HIDDENCELL) of explicit structured grids produces the following error:

ERROR:root:Invalid cell type: 0
2020-12-19 23:24:55.908 (  11.046s) [                ]        vtkPolyData.cxx:1068   ERR| vtkPolyData (0000026DE794FD30): Invalid cell type: 0

Could you give us more details on what sources & filters are in your pipeline here? At which step do you get this error?

Hi @Joachim_P! See the attached code. Comment grid.GlobalWarningDisplayOff() to show the errors, please. I hope I didn’t do something wrong. Waiting for an answer. Best regards. (2.7 MB)

Another problem:

surface = vtk.vtkExplicitStructuredGridSurfaceFilter()

is producing:

Windows fatal exception: access violation