Error when using VTK as server

I’ve been recreating the examples given here: web-project-templates/vue-vtkjs-pvw-template at master · Kitware/web-project-templates · GitHub with React and using Paraview (pvpython) as a server.

However, yesterday I wanted to try and use the VTK (vtkpython) example and I got the following errors:

from wslink import server
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wslink'

I don’t get any errors when using pvpython. I installed VTK with brew (macos). What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you.

The vtk version available via brew or pip is not built with the web module turned on.
That immediate error can be solved by doing a pip install wslink but after that you will also be missing some VTK/C++ classes.

You can still run your vtk code with pvpython though.

Otherwise, we are still in the process to automate the wheel generation of VTK. But in the mean time, you should be able to go to our pipeline and download the artifact that match the wheel you will need for your system.

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