Errors during compilation of VTK 7.1.1 and 8.2 using VS2017

Last month I switched to Visual Studio 2017. So I also switched from VTK7.1 to VTK 8.2. But after trying several settings in CMake, I did not manage to compile VTK 8.2 successfully.

So I switched back to VTK 7.1.1. But to my surprise, this version also did not compile.
So I started analyzing the errors. And after applying three small tweaks in my Visual Studio code I was able to compile VTK 7.1.1. And after that version 8.2 also compiled flawlessly.

Of course I rather changed the VTK code, but I have no idea which parts of VTK have to be changed.

Here are the tweaks that I applied:
In winnt.h:
Line 154: the compiler stopped after the text: #error “No Target Architecture”
I solved this by adding the line: #define AMD64 before this line
Line 20583: the compiler stumbled over: const VOID* None, because the word None was defined as 0L.
I solved this by adding the lines #undef None before and #define None 0L after this statement.

In processthreadapi.h:
Line 1034: The compiler stopped after the text: ULONG ControlMask, because ControlMask was allready defined as (1<<2).
Solved by adding the #undef ControlMask before and #define ControlMask (1<<2) after this line.

So if somebodies knows where these names are defined, can you please make the appropriate changes. So I can download and compile the updated version and undo the tweaks in my Visual Studio.