errors migrating vtk.js from release 20 to release 24

I am using angular with vtk.js following the instructions at
GitHub - floryst/vtk-js-angular-10: Example repo demonstrating vtk.js and Angular 10 to address customizing angular’s webpack usage to include vtk.js.

It works with vtk.js release 20.0.4 but release 24 reports the following error:

Error: node_modules/@kitware/vtk.js/Common/DataModel/DataSetAttributes.d.ts:2:55 - error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘././FieldData’ or its corresponding type declarations.

2 import { IFieldDataInitialValues, vtkFieldData } from ‘././FieldData’;

When i look at the .js files inside the node_modules, I see the following differences:

DataSetAttributes.d.ts: Release 20:
import { vtkObject } from ‘@kitware/vtk.js/interfaces’ ;
import { IFieldDataInitialValues, vtkFieldData } from ‘@kitware/vtk.js/Common/DataModel/DataSetAttributes/FieldData’;

DataSetAttributes.d.ts Release 24:
import { vtkObject } from ‘…/…/interfaces’ ;
import { IFieldDataInitialValues, vtkFieldData } from ‘././FieldData’;

Is there a typescript compiler option change between the two releases that effect interpreting of the .d.ts files?

Yes, there was a change to how the typescript definitions are generated. I’ve made a bug report to track this: typescript paths are not all correct · Issue #2362 · Kitware/vtk-js · GitHub

The latest version of vtk.js should have this issue resolved.

Yes, I confirm that it’s working for me now. Thanks.