Fixed VTK Java Wrappers on macOS


I just would like to report that running VTK Java wrappers on macOS no longer crashes as long as one use JOGL 2.4.

I have patched JOGL 2.4 so that it can run on Apple M1 and deployed the whole as maven artifacts on Jzy3D Maven repository. The configuration to use can be found here.

I now get VTK Java wrapper working both on macOS 10.12 and 11.4.

Beside verifying JOGL do not crash anymore on macOS, I have run tests on multiple OS and verified several Java versions as shown below. Tests were made by running Jzy3D applications which also uses JOGL.

I will soon evaluate the stability of JOGL on Java 17.

A recap of all known remaining bugs in JOGL 2.4 can be found in the issue list of this mirror repository.


Nice work.


The use of Java wrappers with JOGL 2.4-rc4 is demonstrated in this project.

For now, it is mainly a place from which you can download pre-built VTK for Java and active it in maven projects. This should become soon a project allowing to get VTK easily from Maven for all platform. I will notify you when this is ready.