Formatting Own Data into vtk Supported Format

Hi I am a student in college trying to do a project using vtk.js to visualize datasets. However, the polydata datasets that the prof provide me are not any commonly supported types. Moreover, I am not famility with 3D datasets and what all the values represents. Are there any resources where I can get a even deeper understanding of what the vtk requires in terms of polydata format should look like so I can create a converter?

To get a better understanding of how VTK handles datasets, check out In particular, check out section 5.6 from the link for the polygonal datatype.

Once you get a basic understanding of cells, you can start sketching out your converter. You can set your 3D coordinates into a polydata pointData array, and then start building your cells, whether they be points, lines, polygons, or triangle strips. I can pull up some code examples later for you.

I will check it out and yeah some example code would really help me out.

By the way, if you are familiar with STL, you can look at the STLReader for how things should end up in a vtkPolyData.