Get the orientation of the MPR image

Hello, I want to get the direction of the dicom image, as shown in the picture, how should I achieve it, and when I rotate the image, the direction letter will be calculated and changed

You can look at what VolView has done.

Sorry, because I just started to get in touch with VTK.js, so I am not very familiar with some methods in it, can you tell me which method to use to get the parameters I want?

Me neither :slight_smile:

Looks like the following is what you are looking for: VolView/useOrientationLabels.ts at f6b1aaa587d1a80ccd99dd9fbab309c58cde08f7 · Kitware/VolView · GitHub

Okay, thank you very much, I will try it when I have time, I was stuck on this problem recently