glTF texture export error

I have a .vtu file with scalardata that renders fine in VTK viewers but the texture doesn’t export correctly to glTF format. I tested it with web viewers as well as F3D to ensure it’s not the viewer. It might be helpful to add that the glTF validator gives me a validation error:

Validation report

  • Format: glTF 2.0
  • Generator: VTK
  • Stats:
    • 1 draw calls
    • 0 animations
    • 1 materials
    • 1768 vertices
    • 1768 triangles
  • Extensions: None

Report generated by KhronosGroup/glTF-Validator 2.0.0-dev.3.3.

Error Message Pointer
MESH_PRIMITIVE_UNEQUAL_ACCESSOR_COUNT All accessors of the same primitive must have the same count. /meshes/0/primitives/0/attributes/POSITION

Here is the generated file: new_grid.vtu (25.9 KB)

This is how it renders in ParaView Glance:

and here is how it looks like as a glTF:

new_grid.gltf (55.0 KB)

Here is the part of code the exports it as glTF. It might be a bug or my lack of knowledge on how the model should be prepared. I suspect that I need to map the CellData to PointData before exporting to glTF but I’m not sure how to try that.

exporter = vtk.vtkGLTFExporter()

To make sure it is not happening because of my input file I tested the exporter with AssignCellColorsFromLUT example and I can recreate the issue.


Also tested from ParaView to make sure I have tested all the tools that I have access to. Here is the file exported form ParaView. It doesn’t even show up in F3D.

new_grid_pv.gltf (55.1 KB)

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That was correct! After adding “CellData to PointData” filter in ParaView I could export the scene correctly.

I will update this post and add the code once I figure out how to do it using vtkCellDataToPointData class. :smiley:

import vtk

cell_to_point = vtk.vtkCellDataToPointData()
data = cell_to_point.GetOutputPort()

# you can use this data now to set up the mapper
mapper = vtk.vtkPolyDataMapper()
mapper.SetInputConnection(data )
# ... more code to set-up the mapper as you need
# ...
# update mapper - I'm not sure if this is required but I'll do it to be safe!

This looks like a bug or missing feature in the glTF exporter.

FYI @ken-martin