Green CI now required to merge branches

Hi VTK developers,

The dashboards have been fairly consistent lately and in an effort to keep them that way, the build stage of CI must now completely pass (complete and green) prior to merging. Testing is still allowed to have missing, incomplete, or failing jobs since it is much flakier.

There is a mechanism to skip it using a “bypass token” that can be generated as needed (currently @cory.quammen, @mwestphal, and myself have access). It can be used out-of-band, so these folks do not need to actually provide it to the MR. It will show up as Bypass-token: TOKEN_CONTENT in a comment in the MR. Note that a given token is only valid for a given MR at a given commit and must be regenerated if the commit(s) of the MR are changed.



I’m seeing a lot of backup on the Linux jobs. I’m looking into finding more hardware to throw at the problem.

Two machines have been found and will be placed into the queue for addition to the CI job pool over the next week or so. There’s a third as well, but before just adding it to VTK, another project may then be more demanding after the initial additions.