GUISupportMFC missing files

I am using latest code downloaded from master.

  1. Listed files are included in “vtkMFCWindow.h” but are missing from master
    VTK/GUISupport/MFC at master · Kitware/VTK (
    missing files are:
    #include “vtkGUISupportMFCModule.h”
    #include “vtkMFCConfigure.h”

  2. When INSTALLING GUISupportMFC library vtkGUISupportMFC.lib and vtkGUISupportMFC.DLL gets installed however include files are not copied to “include” directory.

Those headers are listed in the right place. Can you share GUISupport/MFC/cmake_install.cmake from the build tree?

FWIW, I’ve fixed some MFC CMake code in this MR.

This is because the cmake options is not correct , you should pay attention to some options linek “guisupport” and make this option enable or “Yes”. Hope this can help you .

This doesn’t make sense because the library files are there, just the headers are missing.