GUISupportQT on Webassembly unable to display

I tried to use wasm’s compiled GUISupportQT to achieve the display on the web.

I used QT6.6 and emscritpen3.1.37, and then used 9.3 of vtk tag to compile and add GUISupportQT support, the compilation prompted that there is no definition for GL_BACK_LEFT or the like, I added the definition directly, and it can be compiled normally at the moment.

I once tested the VTKCone example separately and it shows up fine. I’m now testing the QT interface with the QVTKOpenGLNativeWidget booster class for display, which was successful in the desktop interface.

When I tested on the web, I used the html generated by QT by default for display, but the 3D window of the page was always black, I tried to change the background color with VTK, but it didn’t change.

How do I make progress? Do I need to modify the HTML? I found that in the example html of VTK, there are some scripts, but I don’t know where to add them.

Looking forward to your help.

QT html
Examples.html (2.9 KB)
VTK Cone html
index.html (1.5 KB)