Handle time series of PartitionedDataSetCollection ?


I have simulation results that have the structure below (simplified):
PVD file (list of .vtm files):

  • time step 0 : 0.vtm
    • VTM file (list of vtu files):
      - block0/subblock0/rank0.vtu
      - block0/subblock0/rank1.vtu
      - block0/subblock1/rank0.vtu
      - block0/subblock1/rank1.vtu

I wanted to use the new vtkPartitionedDataSetCollection. I understand well that I can modelize the bloc/sublock hierarchy with vtkAssembly and put all in the collection.
But how can I didn’t manage to list all the vtpc files in a pvd file to handle the timesteps. Is it even possible ? Is there an another way to do that ?

I investigated a bit. Using the filter that transforms a vtkBlockDataSet to a vtkPartionedDataSetCollection I will have one vtpc file per timestep. Would it be possible to have a vtm file that groups these vtpc files ?