Help with TBB "warning: definition of implicit copy ctor"

Hi all,

Could one of you C++ wizards help with some TBB-related clang warnings on cdash:

Common/Core/vtkSMPToolsInternal.h:43:8: warning: definition of implicit copy constructor for 'FuncCall<vtk::detail::smp::vtkSMPTools_FunctorInternal<(anonymous namespace)::threadedCopyFunctor<char>, false> >' is deprecated because it has a user-declared copy assignment operator [-Wdeprecated]
  void operator=(const FuncCall&) = delete;

I tried a few things, but alas it’s beyond my C++ skill level.



Is this still happening?

Seems not.

There is a pending MR that may address this…

AFAIK, the issue hasn’t show up again either. No idea what fixed it.