How can I Rotate VTKImageSlice ?


I have problem in Reslicing With vtkPlane

I want to reslice in 4 axes->(Axial , Sagittal , Coronal , oblique ) with vtkPlane , so I use vtkImageReliceMapper and set Plane for each one . Then I make vtkImageSlice and set ImgeResliceMapper in it’s Mapper. So now I Have 4 prop and I can add these to Renderer But there is a problem . In Sagittal , Coronal , oblique axes the image Is not Front of Camera. so We should Rotate props(vtkImageSlice) but if we use ImageSlice->RotateX()(or Y or Z) or ImageSlice->RotateWXYZ() the plane of Reslicing will rotate and make Wrong picture.

So How Can I Rotate vtkImageSlice in such a way that don’t effect on resliceplane(normal of reslice) ?
(I can not change View of Camera and can not use vtkReliceImage In my project )

The correct approach is to set the camera, so that the camera view matches the slice orientation.

For an example, see TestImageResliceMapperOrient3D. Also look at the methods provided by vtkImageMapper3D (this is the superclass of vtkImageResliceMapper).


thank you so much David